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Sabtu, 12 April 2014

Kalibrasi Maestro Vibration Meter

Human Vibration

Triaxial Human Vibration Meter
  • For hand-arm vibration measurement to ISO 5349, whole-body vibration to ISO 2631, BS 6841 or ANSI S3.18 and ship vibration to ISO 6954
  • Machine vibration can be measured as acceleration, velocity or displacement with selectable frequency ranges between 0.4 Hz and 10 kHz
  • Display of true RMS, maximum RMS (MTVV), interval RMS, vibration dose (VDV), total vibration value (aW), peak, maximum peak and crest factor
  • Memory for over 1000 measurements with PC interface
  • Well suited as vibration dosimeter due to its small dimensions, waterproof design and long battery lifetime
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X / Y / Z, IEPE compatible
Frequency ranges
0.4 - 10000 Hz
Hand-arm weighting filter
Wh to ISO8041
Whole-body weighting filter
Wb, Wc, Wd, We, Wj, Wk and Wm to ISO8041; Wg to BS 6841
Frequency ranges for acceleration
0.4 - 100Hz; 2 - 300Hz; 0.4 - 1000Hz; 10 - 1000Hz; 0.4-10000Hz; 1000 - 10000Hz
Frequency ranges for velocity
2- 300 Hz; 10 - 1000 Hz
Frequency ranges for displacement
6 - 300 Hz
Display modes
RMS, MTVV, VDV, aW, Peak, PeakMAX, Crest
External connections
RS-232, analog outputs X / Y / Z, external supply
Recommended accelerometers
Hand-arm: KS943B.10; whole-body: KB103SVD
Data sheet (250 kB)
Instruction manual Version 01.01.xxx.xxx (2 MB)
Instruction manual Version 02.02.xxx.xxx (2 MB)
Abstract EU directive 2002/44/EC (150 kB)
Ship vibration measurement to ISO 6954 with the VM30-H (120 kB)
The latest version of the software for Excel import from the VM30-H can be found on our download page.

A PowerPoint presentation of the VM30-H can be found
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